• Our hatchery produces and sales sea bass, sea bream and meagre juveniles that optimize the performance of your farms.

Type Size
Gilthead Sea Bream 0,3 - 0,5 gr 2,0 gr
Mediterranean Sea Bass 0,3 - 0,5 gr 2,0 gr
MEAGRE 0,3 - 0,5 gr 6,0 gr

Our juveniles are developed through Genetics Selection Program and combine with:

  • Top quality
  • Accuracy in the number and average weight of delivered juveniles
  • Low deformity ratio (5% maximum)
  • Integrated traceability with juvenile tracing back to the brood stock tank that ensures the control of the entire production process
  • Disease free status (for species related diseases)

Our juveniles for sea bass and sea bream REDUCE THE ON-GROWING CYCLE and deliver benefits for you throughout your production period.

Benefits of using our juveniles:

  • Significant reduction in the cost of production that enables you to offer your final products at competitive prices
  • Reduced risks for disease and mortality because of the excellent quality of our juveniles that have been developed with our genetics selection program
  • Increased return on your investment. The reduced on-growing cycle, together with proper planning, will help you to get your fish to the market at the right time, thus maximize your profits. Additionally, you will benefit from the reduced time and will gain over time, in the number of on-growing cycles
  • Minimal deformities give you opportunity to optimize the performance of your production


Ilknak has its own selected brood fish.

Ilknak has over 20 years of expertise in juvenile research and development. Since 2002, Genetics Selection Program is being implemented very successfully.

The program is based on the selection of families of known and recorded pedigree that combine desired traits and characteristics, i.e. growth rate, food conversion rate, color, fat content, filleting yield, shape, resistance to disease.