COOKIE POLICY, like many web sites, uses cookies in order to ensure that the visitors experiences the website better. 


This cookie policy is issued in order to inform the visitors of the website on the definition of cookie, types of cookies, the cookies used by our company, and how the cookie preferences can be managed. 

In case that the cookie usage warning, included in the website, is closed or the website is continued to be used, it is deemed that the cookies are approved. 

If you do not approve the cookie usage, we kindly request you not to continue to the website or to change your cookie preferences in your browser. In case that the cookies are not allowed, we’d like to note that some features of the website may lose their functionality. 


Cookies are small text files stored in your computer or mobile device when you visit a website. The data such as your IP address, session information, the pages to which you access are stored in these files. The cookies don’t contain data such as name and surname or address. Thanks to the cookies, your website preferences can be remembered, it is ensured that your session is kept on or the content you are interested in can be presented to you. 

For detailed information on cookies, you may visit the addresses and


The cookies are divided into different types depending on criteria such as the storage time in the mobile devices or they are placed by whom. In the scope of these criteria, the basic distinction is as below:

  • Session cookies/permanent cookies: the session cookies are temporary cookies and deleted from the devices after the browser is closed. The basic function of these cookies is to ensure that the website runs smoothly. On the other hand, the permanent cookies continue to be in the device unless it is deleted by the visitor or the term of which is expired. 
  • First party/third party cookies: the first party cookies are the cookies placed to the device by the operator of the website visited. The third party cookies are the cookies placed and controlled by the persons other than the operator of the website visited. 



Mavibacke uses different types of cookies:

Mandatory cookies: they are the technical cookies ensuring that the website runs smoothly and enabling that you can use its features. They are included in the session cookie category. If these cookies are prevented, the result that the features of the website can’t be used emerges. The approval of the visitors is not required for using mandatory cookies.

Analytical cookies: our company uses the analytical cookies in order to improve your website experience. Analytical cookies enable that we understand how our visitors use the website (e.g. which pages are visited, the visiting time etc.). By this way, Mavibahce may improve the contents she presents or changes the website design.


Functionality cookies: enable that your language preferences, region selection etc. are remembered when you revisit the website. 

Targeting/advertisement cookies: our company uses different first party and third party cookies for targeting and advertisement purposes in the website. It is possible to block these cookies by changing the settings of your browser.


It is possible to personalize or completely block the cookies by changing the settings of the browser you use. You may access the detailed data on the steps required to be followed for different browsers in the links below:

Google Chrome :

Internet Explorer :

Mozilla Firefox :

Yandex :

Safari :


For managing the cookie preferences in the other browsers you may assess the help or support page of the related browser. 


You may apply to our company, as the data owner and have the right to

  • Learn whether your personal data is processed or not,
  • Request information related with this if your personal data was processed,
  • Learn the purpose for processing your personal data and whether they are used according to the purpose or not,
  • Know the third persons to whom your personal data is transferred in and outside the country,
  • In case that your personal data is processed inadequately or wrong, to request that they are corrected and to request that the processes done in this scope are informed to the third persons to whom your personal data was transferred,
  • To request that your personal data is deleted or destroyed in case that the reasons for processing them disappeared even though they were processed according to the provisions of the law no: 6698 and the related other laws and to request that the procedures done in this scope are notified to the third persons to whom your personal data was transferred, 
  • Object that a result to the detriment to you emerges by analyzing your processed data exclusively by means of automatic systems,
  • Request that the damages are compensated in case that you incurred damages because your personal data was processed illegally.