Part of Our Community

We are an integral part of the communities we operate and support their social and financial growth.

Ilknak is the largest and preferred employer in Denizkoy, Dikili, where most of our facilities are located. We employ 90 people permanently and 10 people seasonally and we surround our employees with care and trust as they are an integral part of the value of our company. We invest in their continuing education and training with a focus on health and safety issues.

We support the local economy by preferring local market, services and contribute by social responsibility projects to the local sport teams, authorities and schools.

We support the economy of the country with our taxes, rents for our concessions and our exports that contribute to foreign exchange inflows and the improvement of the country’s trade balance.

We support our clients by offering fresh, high quality products that add value to their business.

And most of all we contribute to social progress and prosperity with our products. Farmed fish ensure the sustainability of natural resources and provide healthy food at affordable pricing and this is an important element of economic development in itself.