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Ilknak's Breeding Program

Since April 2017 ILKNAK S.A. has started collaborating with Prof Batargias Costas of the Fisheries & Aquaculture Technology Dept, TEI of Western Greece for the implementation of a successful long term breeding program. The breeding program aims at both species gilthead seabream and European seabass. Its methodology will be strictly selective breeding based on family selection using molecular markers for the pedigree information as well as for marker assistant selection, incorporating the latest scientific information available to the program. The program will strengthen the position of the company to the market though ensuring its sustainability, competitiveness and profitability as well as ensuring the benefit for the consumer, providing a high quality product.

Prof C. Batargias has more than 20 years experience in aquaculture and applied genetics and selective breeding, starting, organizing and directing for two major companies their breeding programs for 15 years (NIREUS S.A. and ANDROMEDA S.A.). He has participated in many European and national research projects (23) and he has collaborated with many scientists across Europe. He is Director of the Master Degree program in "Sustainable Fisheries, Aquaculture". He has been appointed by the Rector of the TEI-WG as the Head of the Department of Mechanical and Water Resources Engineering and its Temporary General Faculty Assembly.

Ilknak receive awards for sea bream, bass

Ilknak Aquaculture score the highest results at the 2017 Superior Taste Award. Turkish sea bass and sea bream producer Ilknak Aquaculture also scooped the three star price for its sea bream. In addition, it also won a three-star price for its sea bass, making it the only company to have won the top award for both species.

Ilknak Corporate Presentation

Ilknak is one of the global and highest quality Mediterranean farmed fish producer, with its production facilities in Turkey. Ilknak & Miramar, presents its healthy and high quality products to Turkey and global markets. About Us

İlknak Aquaculture "The Highest Tax Paying Greek Origin Turkish Company"

İlknak Aquaculture is granted "The Highest Tax Paying Greek Origin Turkish Company" from İzmir Chamber of Commerce at the ceremony which Turkish and Greece Prime Ministers was attended.

Fish season opened with technology

Ilknak couldn’t track instantly oxygen and temperature levels of hatchery tanks. Posibly setbacks caused casualities and hitched production. Ilknak need a solution that can track instantly oxygen and temperature levels of tanks. Vodafone Ready Business Team, provides long distance tracking all hatchery tanks and informing instantly when levels drop with Vodafone M2M technology. Thanks to proper control of hatchery tanks, casualities decrease and increase of %50 in production. Read Ilknak news with PDF format

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Probiotic toxin fights coldwater disease in rainbow trout

The rainbow trout is a work of art and a diner’s delight. But when the freshwater fish falls prey to coldwater disease, its colorful body erodes into ragged wounds and ulcers. The bacterial infection can kill up to 30% of hatchery stock and costs millions of dollars in economic loss.

Aquaculture research proposed for abandoned fish plant

An American company is looking to set up an aquaculture research centre in an abandoned fish plant in Souris. The Centre for Aquaculture Technologies Canada is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Centre for Aquaculture Technologies, which is based in San Diego.

Ilknak Aquaculture On-growing Farms

Interview with Sevinç TOK, Ilknak Aquaculture On-growing Farms Supervisor. On-growing

Ilknak Aquaculture Pre-growing Unit

Interview with Halil AKTÜRK, Ilknak Aquaculture Pre-growing Unit Supervisor. Pre-growing

Water Products Promotion Group Spotlight

Our country is surrounded by sea on three sides, in order to maximize the fish consumption, we prepare spotlight.

When Canadian science graduate Christopher Charles visited Cambodia six years ago he discovered that anaemia was a huge public health problem.

Andy Will

Why an iron fish can make you stronger

In the villages of Kandal province, instead of bright, bouncing children, Dr Charles found many were small and weak with slow mental development.